Waiting for Baby Patch

About a week ago, we met up with our dear friends Katie and Patrick for a quick maternity mini-session. May in Alabama is not the time for a pregnant woman to be outside in the heat for long... so we worked quickly to get a few special shots of these two and their sweet dog Lu, before their baby boy arrives!

We are so excited to see this wonderful couple welcome their son into the world! (Not yet named, but lovingly nicknamed "Baby Patch"). We are counting down the days until we get to see them as a family of 3. (Ahem, I mean 4 of course. Can't forget sweet Lulu! That puppy is going to be the best Big Sister ever! ;) Congratulations Reed Family!

Matt, Kristian & Parker

This past Saturday we made our way out to the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens for a custom family & engagement shoot. Normally we do one or the other... but there's a story behind this sweet (soon to be) family and their custom shoot!

Kristian has been my wife's best friend for 18 years. They were both friends with Matt back in high school, but unfortunately lost touch with him after he graduated and went off to college. They couldn't have guessed that they would reconnect more than 10 years down the road... but life has a way of taking you on twists and turns you never could have imagined. About a year ago Matt & Kristian found their way back into each other's lives, fell in love, and got engaged! Matt has an adorable little 7 year-old daughter named Parker, and once Kristian & Matt tie the knot - these guys will be a precious family of THREE!

We wanted to capture plenty of photos of the two of them, engaged and in love... but it was a real honor to also take their first family photos together!

The Botanical Gardens were the perfect backdrop for this photo shoot. We were surprised to find greenery there, even in the winter! It allowed us so many different background options for family and engagement photos. We took the majority of our photographs in the Japanese garden.  The scenery made for some gorgeous images!

Parker was such a sweetheart throughout the whole shoot. We really enjoyed photographing her! I hope she will look back at these images when she's all grown up and remember this as a fun and special day with her family!

I work hard to capture the true essence of each couple and family. Everyone is unique, and our goal at RJackson Media is to bring that uniqueness out in each photograph. Kristian and Matt - we are so happy for you two, and we hope that you will cherish these images for years to come! Thanks for choosing us for this special shoot!

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